About Coppola Farms

Coppola Farms Inc. was established 2000. The foundation of the company was created way back in 1968. A gentleman by the name of Antonino Coppola and his wife Antonina along with their kids Andrea and Alfonso moved to Canada from a little town in Sicily called San Vito Lo Capo. With the intention of providing a better future for their two kids, Antonino and Antonina worked as hard as the could and provided to the best of there ability.

Over the years working together as a family they had the capability of establishing a solid foundation for the future of their family. Growing up in Canada was not the easiest transition for Andrea and Alfonso, leaving most of there family and friends in Italy and not being able to read or write in the English language, the two kids had to overcome many obstacles. They figured out early that sticking together and working as a partnership would be better then trying to survive all on there own. Hard work and dedication, and at times risking everything they had worked for were key in setting up a road to success for their own children. Early on Andrea and Alfonso concentrated on investing in the real estate market and purchasing farmland around the Leamington and Kingsville are in Ontario.

All this was accomplished while keeping their full time jobs at HJ Heinz Company, which they both retired from with over thirty years of service. One of their main priorities was to instill their trait of family values, work ethic, and honest business dealings along to their own families. In 2000 Andrea and Alfonso’s oldest boys were given the ok after the two cousins decided to build their first greenhouse complex on farmland that belonged to the two fathers. Now on Coppola Farms ten-year anniversary they have expanded their business and work together with all their siblings, in two state of the art greenhouse facilities and packing warehouse. One thing that keeps Coppola Farms successful is the trait of Honesty and Loyalty to all their customers, which has been handed down three generations. Now this truly is a family run business!


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Leamington Hydroponic Tomatoes in the Heart of Leamington Ontario Family Owned and Operated The Coppola Family Greenhouse Worker Attending To the Vines Coppola Farms Yellow Bell Peppers Coppola Farms Red Bell Peppers Leamington Hydroponic Cucumbers from Coppola Farms Leamington Cluster Tomatoes from Coppla Farms! Leamington Beefstake Tomatoes From Coppola Farms Coppola Famrs 'From Our Family to your Table' Coppola Farms 'TOV' Tomatoes On The Vine Coppola Farms Fresh Quality Vegetables Because Quality Matters Coppola Farms Specialty Packs TOV Tomatoes Coppola Farms Cucumber Specialty Packs Coppola Farms Bell Pepper Specialty Packs At Coppola Farms We Specialize in Tomatoes On The Vine Locally Grown Ontario Produce Coppola Farms Yellow Bell Peppers Tomatoes On The Vine Coppola Farms Wholesale Tomatoes Delivered Fresh!


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